Online Science Educator Certification Course

My newest venture- a new cohort forming now!

I wrote the course. I was motivated by my experience at CCCOnline and CMC. There is a gap in our focus on being good educators of science. We have terminal degrees in science. This course gives participants the opportunity to reflect on their experience as an online educator (or to read about it) and consider these practices in light of current literature about online pedagogy. The mission of the course is workforce development and therefore the assignments are aligned to real tasks associated with online teaching. Participants build or improve upon their existing blog. They create learning tools throughout the course that are immediately published, which improves the resources available to our students and enhances our professional network. We build these learning tools while increasing our knowledge and awareness of standard protocols like FERPA, ADA, icebreakers, discussions, assessments, etc.

I would be delighted to give you a tour of the course.

Please join us –

Check out the flyer – OSE Course 2015

flyer graphic

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