Small Changes, Big Difference

Your small efforts really do matter. As I live life and pass the years, I think about how really simple things, over a lifetime, add up quickly. For example, if I turn the water off while brushing my teeth, I save at least a gallon of water twice daily.
2 gallons per day
60 gallons per month
730 gallons per year
14,400 gallons over 20 years.
population of Colorado: 5.6 million people
water saved in ONE DAY if everyone turned the water off while brushing their teeth: 11.2 MILLION GALLONS PER DAY
and over 20 years: 224 MILLION GALLONS OF WATER SAVED

And that’s just one simple thing- reach out and turn off the faucet.

If you deliberate on several small changes, you can see a mountain of difference we each could make. I used water here because that’s easy math and very relevant here in arid Colorado. Think about the magnitude of days in your life and then multiple that by paper coffee cups, straws, beer cans, styrofoam trays (meats in your freezer, fastfood/take-out containers), apples from non-organic orchards (pesticides), volumes of antibiotics from non-organic meats (kills your gut flora, gets into freshwater resources).
Thanks for thinking about the small changes. If we wasted less water, making drinking water out of saltwater would not be up for discussion in the scientific community. Technology AND behavior changes together have the potential to solve the world’s environmental problems.

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