Pretend you are one of my students (or maybe you are and you came to my website…good for you :-)

Hello Students,

I started my teaching career in Leadville, Colorado at the Colorado Mountain College. I started teaching online to augment my income, but now I realize that this is my passion and my strength. I like to write. Get ready to write every day to succeed in this course. I don’t normally teach 10 week courses although I have taught 5-credit bio for majors in the classroom in 10 days (that is crazy).  When I put together the calendar for this short course, I realize and you should realize right now that there is no smooth way to do four credits of science lab course in 10 weeks without working very, very hard to keep up. I predict at least 20 hours of real work involved in completing this course (not including reading the textbook). There are 20 quizzes! The rules are that whatever happens in the long course must occur in the short course. You do the math- 20 quizzes means two quizzes per week. There are 11 labs- just over 1 lab per week. There are 11 discussions- one per week plus a farewell discussion at the end. Take this in and when you introduce yourself, describe when you plan to do the work associated with this course. I am a very compassionate and engaged instructor. I will help you as much as I can along the way. That being said, this is a reality check. Make sure you have the capacity to succeed before you go start a journey that you can not feasibly complete. I am here for you! Make sure you can be here too.

My research involves restoration ecology and citizen science (ask me how you can get involved!). If you want to get to know me, my website is here. I am sciteachermg on Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube. I have hundreds of videos organized into playlists by course (here’s the one for SCI156). These might be very helpful to you. I teach lots of biology courses. SCI156 has a lot of biology learning outcomes. I also teach SCI156 at Colorado Mountain College. This is an awesome course! Get ready to explore the universe, starting with the biggest picture (astronomy), traveling through the planetary perspective (earth Science), getting down to the organisms in the ecosystems on planet Earth (ecology), and finally all the way through a microscope to see the cellular commonalities among organisms that inhabit planet Earth (cellular biology). Fun times. Lots of learning ahead.

I have three children, Graham (6yrs), Althea (12yrs), and AJ ( 2yrs). My husband is a criminal defense attorney and we both work full-time. I know you are as busy as I am. Tell the people who count on you that even though you might be home, you need peace and quiet to study! Make it a familiar affair and encourage respect.

If you live by yourself- good for you! Still, don’t forget to square away the time you need to study away from other distractions. As mentioned, I want everyone to state clearly when they plan to work on this course each week. I work all day (this is my job… 🙂 so I will try to be here every weekday. I check in everyday but only once per day. If you see I have already made posts or graded on the day and you are desperate to talk to me, send me a text message. I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Here is my favorite academic web resource:

Anderson, P. (n.d.) Bozeman Science

Welcome to class!

we have chickens and an urban microfarm downtown Colorado Springs (come visit!)…here are some of the new babies:

my daughter’s hockey team – Mountain States Girls Hockey Champions

the other goofballs 

I will spare you extra pics of my husband and me…we are getting old…LOL

Next Stop: Outer Space —>

I look forward to getting to know you. 


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