Ecocity Partners

Mission Statement

Ecocity Partners strive to restore ecosystem services in our local landscapes and improve our human health 

Ecocity citizen scientists collect scientific data to monitor ecological parameters in public lands and gardens.

Ecocity educators teach the community about ecology and sustainable living.

Services Provided

  • Collegiate internships: interdisciplinary internships in wildland restoration ecology and agroecology.
  • Citizen science program development and implementation
  • Environmental education curriculum development and implementation: all lessons meeting Colorado State STEM Standards.
  • Landscape restoration: specializing in sustainable landscapes inspired by our native ecosystem. We restore public and private landscapes including urban gardens, school gardens, and large acreage natural landscapes.

2020: Citizen Science Institute

2016-2019: Rocky Mountain Field Institute Citizen Science Program

2018: Ecocity Partners Education

2016: Goodbye grass…Hello urban microfarm