Ecocity History

Our History

Maggie started gardening for professors while at Mount Holyoke College.  We started our first gardening business in the Platt Park neighborhood in Denver, CO.  We both attended the University of Denver for graduate school. Gardening was a great way to make some money on our own schedule while in grad school. We were also starting our own first garden, which included a grapes on a gazebo Aaron built, raised beds, cottonwood and apple trees, and 13 berry bushes…all crammed into our tiny lot. Nowadays, that house and garden are long gone, replaced by a three-story duplex that consumes every inch of the lot.

Aaron got his first public defender job in Summit County, where we spent five years living in a condo stack with no access to any growing space. Longing for the hobby that really brings us together as a family, we relocated to Salida. We started gardening again, but the windy desert kept us growing indoors most of the time. We moved out on the range and started planning a 12-month greenhouse CSA in which we would grow with both soil and soil-less techniques. We had a promissory note for a 30,000 ft greenhouse, but found ourselves having a hard time pulling the trigger.

Aaron started to look for other jobs and got six offers all over the state. We decided to move back home to Colorado Springs where he grew up, where his family still lives, and where there are several institutions of higher education for my career development.  We bought the house he grew up in and I guess the rest will be history. We are settled now. 

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