Modern Biology Lab

In an effort to reduce your student costs, I am writing new labs because the lab kit I was using now costs $228! I am also interested in teaching very similiar labs in the classroom and online lab sections.

2020 UCCS BIOL1060 Online Lab Manual

In this lab course, we will work to attain these learning outcomes:


  1. Experience the scientific method by examining current and/or classical research.
  2. Compare the structural and functional differences between animal and plant cells and their organelles.
  3. Describe how organisms assimilate and process energy.
  4. Investigate the biochemical pathways common to all living organisms.
  5. Recognize the differences between DNA and RNA.
  6. Explain the steps of cell reproduction.
  7. Interpret patterns of inheritance.
  8. Discover how cellular reproduction and patterns of inheritance give rise to biological diversity.
  9. Classify organisms according to their life histories.
  10. Discuss the nature of microorganisms.
  11. Categorize the plant kingdom according to its phylogeny.
  12. Categorize the animal kingdom according to its phylogeny.
  13. Investigate human biological processes.

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